Bag Filter

             Bag filters are filters used in industrial units for filtering dusty gases. The basic function of bag filter is to separate dust particles for dusty gases released by different production processes. The structure of a bag filter is made up of a fabric bag crafted using different kind of fabrics and a motor that powers the machine. Bag filters are considered to be the most efficient among all dust collectors because it can attain efficiency level up to 99%. The mechanism of bag filters works in a very smooth and convenient way. Bag filters are used in all industrial small or large units to collect dust particles blown out in toxic releases.


         Air Control System is in manufacturing of highly durable and high performance Unit Dust Collectors used in diverse dust collection applications. These Mechanical Shaking Bag Filters are generally used for removing dust in industrial applications. In Pulsejet Bag Filters, particles are captured on the internal surface to cater the requirement of dust collection. We use our state of art production facility to construct and test our high performance oriented bag filters. We have a huge base of satisfied clients who appreciates our quality and service.